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Madame Bovary - Michèle Roberts, Geoffrey Wall, Gustave Flaubert This book seems to split opinions, with lots of both 5 star and 1 star reviews. I'm being harsh and giving it 4 stars. If you didn't like it what's wrong with you? No really, if you found the writing boring, or Emma annoying, I think you have a problem and we should probably not be friends. (I found it boring at 100 pages in, but think this was due to the translation. Unfortunately I'm an ignoramus who can't read French, so I take what I can get. Even with this fault it was a great book) If it's a classic on your TBR, then read it now. Especially if you're fed up with your husband.I can understand why so many women claimed to be the inspiration for Flaubert, but it's great to see that the world has moved on so much in the past 150 years that women no longer have to cheer themselves up from their mundane existence with affairs and shopping sprees...