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Ozma of Oz - L. Frank Baum Ahh, so this is the book where we encounter many of the freakishly scary characters from the 80's film Return to Oz. I mean did anyone see that film? With the wheelers and the head swapping witch? Oh the horror and nightmares that caused in my childhood! Anyway, onto the book. It introduces a lot of new characters, such as Billina the hen and Tik-Tok the wind up mechanical man, whom accompany Dorothy on her journey. It also sees a return to the characters of the tin man, scarecrow and cowardly lion, although they have a lesser part to play in this adventure. Overall I enjoyed the book and found it quite endearing, again it's one that I would enjoy reading to younger children - although some parts may cause nightmares! Side note - there were aspects of the story and characters that really reminded me of The Hobbit. To such an extent that I wondered if Tolkien drew inspiration himself from these Oz books. Has anyone else thought the same thing? I mean there are some major similarities! hobbits/munchkins, the use of four lands/ farthings, each type of people having a specific colour assigned, lions drowsiness in the poppy field/ bomburs drowsiness in the stream of Mirkwood, good witch Glinda/ good wizard Gandalf and the similar adventure into the rock face and caves below the earth