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The Marvelous Land of Oz - L. Frank Baum, David McKee This second book in the Oz series was enchanting and I wish I had read the stories to my children when they were younger. It also had a few laugh out loud moments for me, with regards to how girls were portrayed, though I'm not sure this was meant to be funny in 1904. Favourite passage In which those silly girls who tried to rule Oz are dealt with - "At once the men of the Emerald City cast off their aprons. And it is said that the women were so tired eating of their husbands' cooking that they all hailed the conquest of Jinjur with joy. Certain it is that, rushing one and all to the kitchens of their houses, the good wives prepared so delicious a feast for the weary men that harmony was immediately restored in every family"Love it, though hopefully the next story, Ozma of Oz, will restore a little more girl power!