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The Psychopath Test - Jon Ronson A real thought provoker. What is a psychopath? Are you a psychopath? How about your friends or co-workers? This book will leave you diagnosing everyone you know and becoming all powerful with your new amazing psychopath detection skills, just like Jon Ronson. The book really made me think about how mental illness is defined. Sure there are clear cut cases of insanity and sanity, but there's a huge area in the middle, with a range of diagnoses that are possible to be made and indeed are being sweepingly made and medicated for across the world. Quite apart from the issues of psychopath detection and detention, there were some interesting stories. A wide range of people were interviewed for his research and I was fascinated by several of their lives, whether they were the professionals, or the patients. This was my first Jon Ronson book and I haven't read any of his journalistic material so his style of writing is all new to me. I appreciated the humour and details about himself that were included, which broke up some pretty heavy content at times. I also liked how the book came full circle and re-visited the people at the beginning of his journey, which gave closure to their own stories. Much recommended and I can't wait to read more of his books now!