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Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights - Ruben Toledo, Emily Brontë Firstly, this is not a love story. I'd heard that it was. If you think this is a love story then I think you have a fucked up perception of romance - 50 shades style. However, love story aside, I just didn't enjoy the book. I want to rate it 5 stars, because it's a classic and the ideas and writing were superb. Maybe too superb as I hated every character, enough to make me want to throw the book across the room at some points. So I guess at least it invoked strong emotions. Personally though I like to enjoy what I'm reading, not feel like I want to do serious harm to the characters. So with all that in mind I think I can only rate it 3 stars. Yet I suspect the book is a grower and I wouldn't be surprised if my rating goes up in the future and I find myself wanting to read it again. Glutton for punishment? Perhaps I should read 50 shades after all? No, but seriously, perhaps Jane Eyre next!